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New Home Builders

1Everyone has experienced cutbacks but your need for services remains the same. Many of you told us you were struggling with training and management for your sales teams. So we organized our services into affordable, targeted components that is priced for builders of all sizes.

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2You can go anywhere to get mortgage training, but you won’t get the inner secrets that only a Top Producer, like Shirleen Von Hoffmann knows.  She not only knows the secrets, she knows them very well.  She knows the in’s and out’s of the builder business and can take your sales teams from prospecting, …

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3Elite athletes, performers, and professionals invest in themselves to assure they get the outcome they need when it is all on the line. A coach makes sure you have the skills and strategy to be the best. A great coach will make work with you to make sure those skills and strategies lead to the best results. It’s time to invest in YOU!
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You can’t get this training speaking from a podium!